Image capture/Document sharing

Upload clinical document

Simple to use with improved data security

DrCare247 Telemedicine platform has the ability to store and find the images securely. Sharing the clinical images via email is not covered under HIPPA-compliant, whereas our platform takes utmost care on every small details of medical records of the patients.

We knew the value of clinical documentation with images

Clinical images are helping the doctors for assessments, treatment planning and documenting. DrCare247 allows both patients and doctors to upload/view the images. Easy access to image capture and document sharing has multiple benefits.

View patient uploaded images

Patients can add their clinical documents and capture/upload pictures directly from their device’s gallery before and during the consultation. These files are linked with the patient’s record.

Doctors can easily view uploaded documents before and during the consultation in order to serve the patients efficiently. They have the ability to update the uploaded documents as needed.

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