Telemedicine Software Features

DrCare247 is a HIPAA Compliant Telemedicine software platform that helps patients connect online doctors, physicians or healthcare providers through secure audio or video calls. DrCare247 has API integrations for ePrescription, Online lab ordering and Payment gateway. It also maintains patient health history, consultation summary, medical note, document upload, etc. It can be used by a single provider or in group practice. Learn more about DrCare247 telemedicine software features.

Scheduling using DrCare247 application


  • Seamless and effortless scheduling workflow aimed to provide patients with quick scheduling with minimal clicks.
  • Patient-driven appointment requests help patients choose a timeslot for any physician of their choice on the day and time that best fits their availability.
  • Appointment confirmation and reminder emails sent to both doctors and patients.
  • Doctors able to approve or decline requested appointment on scheduling page.
Image capture/Document sharing

  • Patients can add their clinical documents and capture/upload pictures directly from their device’s gallery before and during the consultation. These files are linked with the patient’s record.
  • Doctors can easily view uploaded documents before and during the consultation in order to serve the patients efficiently. They have the ability to update the uploaded documents as needed.

Document sharing through DrCare247

Audio/Video Calls

Secure HD video and audio conferencing

  • DrCare247 features secure, HIPAA-compliant HD video and audio calls to ensure doctors and patients have the best experience possible.
  • No additional software or plug-in downloads are required for video consultations.
  • High quality video calls for lower bandwidth connections, aimed to provide a positive consultation experience to patients in rural areas where there is reduced connectivity.
  • Both doctor and patient have the freedom to join the video consultation from any internet-enabled device.
  • All consultations are recorded and permanently saved in HIPAA-compliant storage space within doctor and patient accounts

  • Supports nation-wide pharmacies in the (United States only).
  • Patient can record their current medication and even request for a refill.
  • Doctors can manage preferred medications, dosages, directions, number of days, pharmacy notes, etc. based on the patient’s reason for visit. This is aimed to eliminate inaccurate record-keeping of medication history and provides clinical users with access to critical prescription information.
  • For clients outside the US, we have designed a prescription pad with physician’s e-signature bounded to country-specific standards and regulations.

ePrescription is available

Built-in billing

Billing and Payments

  • Getting paid is easier with flexible billing options. Forget invoices, bounced checks, and collection calls. With a click of a button, DrCare247 makes it effortless to collect payment for your services via credit card.
  • You have the wide choice to choose your own payment gateway integrated to your platform that best fits to your demographic. Easily manage refunds, cancellations and no-shows. Get paid immediately right into your account in no time.
  • You can use an existing payment gateway or integrate a new one of your choice.
Doctor profile

  • The doctor’s public profile will include his/her education, languages, specialization.
  • The doctor’s profile link can be shared on their website or social media.
  • Profile will show the doctor’s availability and working hours.
  • Patients can rate and write reviews on their doctor, which will appear on doctor’s` profile.

medical history

Medical note

Digital Marketing

  • We can integrate Google Analytics into your platform, which will help you track customer and outreach data.
  • We provide SEO keywork, meta data management, and SEO-friendly URLs to help bring more traffic to your platform.
  • In order to help your organization, have a stronger online presence, we assist with setting up your social media links.
  • Customer marketing tag tracking
Custom branding

  • Your branding, logo, social media links, contact information, and domain will be on the platform, indicating that it is completely affiliated with your organization.
  • We help with content management and provide customizations with desired features as well as platform design.
  • Multilingual support – we currently support English and Spanish but can definitely incorporate any language as well.

Document upload

Consultation summary displayed

Consultation Summary

  • Once the consultation is completed, the system will automatically send the consultation summary to the patient via email. Patient can view/download and save it for their records.
  • Patients can view their consultation summaries from their dashboard any time after consultation is finished.
  • Patients can request a medical note from their doctor when scheduling the consultation. The system will automatically send the medical note to the patient’s email after the visit.
Automated notifications

  • Notifying the patient and doctor on updates will keep both engaged and help deliver the right care at the right time.
  • Patients can get their consultation reminders, visit summaries, prescription details, medical notes and invoices by email. Doctors will be notified for scheduled consultations and other patient requests.


No downloads required

Instant chat messaging

  • Instant chat is a great compliment to audio and video consultation for follow-up visits.
  • With instant live chat, doctors can simply and easily communicate with patients by text, even while you are on a call with a different patient.
  • Doctors have the provision to make the chat free or can offer the feature for a very low cost.
  • Enabling instant live chat is easily manageable though the admin panel with freedom to choose different plans based on your needs.
Compliance and security

  • We strictly follow HIPAA regulations with enterprise- level security and PCI Level 1 certifications.
  • Data encryption at transit and at rest
  • User role-based access
  • 24×7 monitoring


Online Lab

Online Lab Tests (US Only)

  • We partner with Quest Diagnostics to deliver direct-to-consumer online lab tests.
  • Single or group lab test ordering and pricing.
  • Patients will receive notification with lab results, and be able to view and download.
Pricing Model

  • You can either charge a fee for your entire website or charge by a monthly fee per individual doctor per month.
  • Different prices can be set for audio and video consultations.
  • Different prices can be set for a patient’s initial consultation and follow-ups.
  • Subscription plan and package


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