Schedule a Doctor

Easy scheduling for patient, flexible time management to doctors.

DrCare247’s scheduling is easy and quick for the patients to connect with their doctor of choice. Doctors can also able to manage their consultation days or time or even the time slots for each consultation. We are not done here yet. Knowing the doctor’s unpredicted routine, they are free to set their status ‘Online’ or ‘Offline’. Just like you set your status in Skype or any other messenger. And all these actions will trigger a notification.

Efficient waiting room management.

DrCare247 Telemedicine platform allows doctors to see their patients in queue while keep providing care using the video consultations. This way, doctors can be aware if the patient is in the waiting room too long.

medical history

Seamless and effortless scheduling workflow aimed to provide patients with quick scheduling with minimal clicks.

Patient-driven appointment requests help patients choose a timeslot for any physician of their choice on the day and time that best fits their availability.

Appointment confirmation and reminder emails sent to both doctors and patients.

Doctors able to approve or decline requested appointment on scheduling page.

Grow your system, profitably.

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