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Remote Patient Monitoring

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How remote patient monitoring provides personalized healthcare?

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) leverages advanced technology and wearable devices to track the vital metrics of patients in a remote location. Patients who can benefit most from RPM are patients at high-risk or who need to be monitored for a long period of time. Interested in learning more about RPM?


Personalised care through our Remote Patient Monitoring solution

Remotely monitor the health of your patients as they go about their daily lives with our RPM solution. Real time remote monitoring enables healthcare providers to know their patient’s health conditions from anywhere and anytime.

Provider Portal (For Clinic/Hospital Use)

  • Interactive Dashboard
  • Care Plan Management
  • Device Management
  • Assessments
  • Notifications (Alert/Reminders)
  • Tele-consultation (Audio/Video/Chat with remote patient)
  • Decision support and analytics
  • Clinical protocol setup

Mobile App (For Patient)

  • Interactive Dashboard
  • Record Vitals (Manual and/or automatic through connected device)
  • Historical Vital Record
  • Attach/Share Documents
  • Secure messaging
  • Patient education
  • Panic Alerts
  • Tele-consultation (Audio/Video with care team)

How it works?


With our simplified process flow, you are able to provide solution access points to health service and risk assessment via connected medical devices.


The patient will record the vitals manually or collected through the connected devices


Collected vitals will then be automatically transmitted to the centralised cloud-portal


System will analyse and evaluate the transmitted data to enable the providers with outcome-based clinical decision-making


Monitor and alert(SMS/Email) to provider or patient on collected biometrics, activity and progress


Intervene with patients using securely integrated Telemedicine solution (instant messaging, video or phone)

Vital Metrics

Few examples of the metrics that are monitored using remote patient monitoring

  • Temperature
  • Blood pressure
  • Respiration rate
  • Oxygen saturation
  • Pulse
  • Weight
  • Height
  • Fetal Kick Count
  • Glucose level


Go contact less with our remote patient monitoring solution

Talk to us if you have plans to start providing RPM solution. Our experts can offer you the free consultation to cater the custom solution that fit your plan or existing business. Achieve your goal of delivering hospital-level care quality to your patient with our comprehensive integrated solution.