DrCare247 offers a holistic RPM solution, providing continuous and unparalleled insights into patient health.​

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Imagine a business opportunity that bridges the gap in healthcare, empowers patients, and boosts your bottom line. DrCare247 is the revolutionary RPM solution designed to fuel your entrepreneurial spirit. It’s a platform for growth. Start-ups and agencies can now offer remote patient monitoring as a valuable add-on service to clinics, hospitals, and even billing companies.

Valuable RPM Features

  • White-label Branding: Tailor the platform to your brand, making it your own.
  • Plug-and-Play Simplicity: Integrate DrCare247 seamlessly with any existing systems.
  • Device Agnostic: Support any Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connected device for ultimateflexibility.
  • Automated Revenue Streams: Generate recurring income through subscription models for clinics and patients.
  • Streamlined Billing Integration: Generate accurate monthly reports for Medicaid/Medicare with relevant CPT codes (99523, 99524, 99457, and 99458) for effortless billing.
  • Scalable & Customizable: Expand your reach and adapt to diverse client needs.
Effectively Streamlined Process

  • Adding a new patient: Simple forms within the platform capture essential details.
  • Assigning a device: Choose from a wide range of compatible devices and link them to the patient.
  • Data flows seamlessly: As the patient connects with the device, data flows automatically to the secure cloud.
  • Generating reports with ease: Access detailed monthly reports with all relevant CPT codes, ready for effortless billing by your partners.

Customized assistance

DrCare247 is your RPM ally, providing tailored programs to meet your practice’s needs. With device integration and billing support included, partnering with DrCare247 streamlines RPM, letting you focus on patient care while we handle the technical side.

Protected and HIPAA compliant

Patient data is safeguarded from end-to-end, securely collected on the patient’s device and stored within our closed platform, compliant with HIPAA regulations.


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