Extensively built Practice Management system for your clinics or hospitals to empower your staffs with better patient care and operational efficiency

Practice Management

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Practice Management System (PM software) is designed in a way to support medical offices. Moreover, small and medium-sized practices use Practice management software to keep track of daily operations such as patient registration, scheduling, tracking, accounting, reporting, and financial functions. Our platform will be a perfect resolution to every challenge you face during your practice, and shows you the path to great success.

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Practice Management Features

Increased Efficiency, Faster Growth

Faster growth for your hospital by concentrating only on patient care and leaving the operational aspects to the system

Smart Scheduling

The medical patient scheduling feature allows practitioners to maintain the patient scheduling with ease. We can order the daily, weekly, monthly schedule, skipped or missed appointments, last-minute reschedule, etc., in a single view. 


Schedule a Doctor

Appointment Scheduling (IP, OP and OT)

- Easy scheduling for patient, flexible time management to doctors.

Multi-Doctor, Multi-Facility & Speciality Support

- Choose doctor of your choice, or by speciality or by location. - On demand or schedule later: configure in a way your business needs

Waiting Room

- Efficient waiting room management for front desk - Playback any media during the virtual waiting room

View Appointment Status in Calendar

View all in one place with simplified calendar view. View schedules by doctors, patients, speciality and more.

Visit types

- An office visit or a post-surgical telemedicine follow up, the platform provides all the provisions

Department wide integration

- Tight Integration of data across various departments such as IP, OP, OT, billing, lab and radiology

Referral In/Out

- Referral In or Out is the transfer of care for your patients. The manageable referral module can be enhanced the efficiency of patient care

Insurance Eligibility Verification

- Supports integration to submit the clean claims and to avoid the resubmissions or eligibility related rejections and denials

Visit Management

To assist your practice, we have seamlessly integrated a centralized Electronic Medical Record (EMR) which ensures a hassle-free clinical experience to both patients and doctors.

Other Features

Patient Management

  • Patient registration – Add/edit/modify
  • Patient demographics – Add/edit /modify
  • Patient ID card and print
  • Barcode generation and print
  • QR code generation and print
  • Doctor availability check
  • Patient search, view and status
  • Insurance – Add/edit
  • Insurance eligibility verification
  • Patient bulk SMS notification
  • Patient health history
  • Documents – ID proof, address proof, eligibility proof etc

Patient Portal

  • View Upcoming & Recent Visits
  • View, Download & Transmit Health Record
  • View Medication and Lab Result
  • Appointment alert/reminder
  • Secure Messaging


  • SMS and email notification
  • SMS and email reminder


  • Barcode Scanning Technology
  • Payment Gateway
  • SMS Gateway
  • Audio/Video/Chat Communication API
  • ePrescriptions

Analytics & Reports

  • Revenue report by department
  • Revenue report by doctor
  • Revenue stream from/to department
  • Revenue report by procedures
  • Drug inventory report
  • Drug utlization report
  • Drug expiration report
  • Balance report – Outstanding, Aging balance

User & Security Management

  • System users (Add/edit/modify)
  • Reset password
  • Role based access
  • Doctor, nurse license management

Payments and Billing

  • Smart bill creation based on service
  • Create bill by department – OP, IP, Pharmacy, Lab etc
  • Create consolidation bill
  • Patient balance
  • Create patient bill/invoice and print
  • Create anonymous bill
  • Draft bill
  • Cancel bill

Document Management

  • Patient Handouts
  • Imaging
  • Store and Retrieve Documents
  • Capture Patient’s Photo

Solution that fits your business

Customizable, simple, easy to use, scalable practice management solution for your clinic or hospital

  • Bring down the cost by improving the practice’s operational efficiency
  • Organize your hospital into an integrated practice unit thereby offering faster patient care
  • Transforming manual workflows to digital workflows, helping organizations automate their resources
  • Provides the right set of information at the right time to the right set of stakeholders
  • Real-time availability of insights leading to faster decision-making
  • Faster growth for your hospital by concentrating only on patient care and leaving the operational aspects to the system

Solution that fits your business - practice management

  • Collaborate between departments and measure outcomes and costs for every patient
  • Improved brand recognition by providing premium process oriented care to your patients
  • Realize benefits quickly for a faster return on investment

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Collaborate between departments and measure outcomes and costs for every patient

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