Renovate your business with Drcare247's Pharmacy Management System Software. Start handling your pharma outlets right at your grasp.

Pharmacy Management

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Pharmacy Management

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Renovate your business with Drcare247's Pharmacy Management System Software. Start handling your pharma outlets right at your grasp.

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The right pharmacy software that helps you streamline drug dispensing, inventory, billing and many more.

The pharmacy management system is a boon, providing transparency to pharmacy business processes. We provide a custom pharmacy management system that makes the process of medication dispensing, inventory management, sales, reports easy to navigate.


Pharmacy management features

Upgrade to the next level of your pharma with our Pharmacy management system. The features include easy workflow, prescription refill, easy stock management, simpler payment processing, etc. Avail feature-rich pharmacy management software from us.

Dispensary Management


Run all your indents with our dispensary management interface. The module supports medication verification, classification, dispensing, monitoring patients, etc.


Dispense handler

Once the request is accepted, you can dispense the drugs in the FIFO model, if the payments are received. During the dispense, the tools give the alert if the inventory is low. Therefore you'll be safe to re-order in advance.

Anonymous patient monitoring

We provide an option to add or process the patients who are not in the system (External patients) as anonymous patients. The drugs can be dispensed similar to the outpatients.

Print prescription

Our software encourages both internal and external pharmacy print, customizable/invoice print, multilingual language support, etc. We hold multiple highlights when it comes to printing.

BOGGY coding

We embed color-coding into the system. For eg. payment status turn blue when paid and blue when not paid. Dispense status turns orange when it is pending, and green when it is completed.

Manage vendor

Register and maintain your drug suppliers with our vendor deck in detail and in a safer way. It enables to add, edit or delete vendors.

Manage drug

This feature allows to add, view, and manage the drugs. We can view the status based on the drug types. We can also sort and view the drugs based on the drug type and their availability. It includes HSN integration

Manage stock

It is easy to keep records of stocks of main or sub-pharmacies, with an auto-reorder option. No tension about the stocks running out. We provide GRN integration.

Manage expiry

We have an auto-expiry feature, that highlights the expired items and auto-refills the items order with the vendor. Thereby helping in tracking drugs expired or approaching expiry.

Inventory Management


The greater part of the job in pharmacy is the inventory management is handling the inventory. With this module, we make the pharmacy get relieved from labor-intensive activities. Therefore, it makes taking data-driven decisions and updates stock levels automatically.


Other Features


We provide some of the other essential features, which in turn support operating the business more effectively and enhance clientele.

Drug database

Running stock Report

Low inventory alert

Best selling product

Analytics & Reporting

Purchase and return

Telemedicine benefits to Employees


  • Integration of Hospital with one or more pharmacy
  • Inventory management for Pharmacy & Store
  • Multilingual Language Support for Prescription
  • Payment follow-up – Insurance & Patients
  • Activity Tracking – Financial, Clinical, & Operational
  • Stringent Quality Assurance Process
  • Cloud-managed with Offline mode enabled
  • Highly customizable & independently deployable
  • Open to additional requirements with 24×7 support
  • 100% Paperless Pharmacy Management Solution
  • Audit Reports for Government

Pharmacy management system benefits

There are much more benefits of the pharmacy management system since, it is an independent technology, especially for pharmacies and hospitals. It serves various purposes like safe and efficient dispensing of pharmaceutical drugs. Thereby controlling the pharmacy structure reliability.

Maintain systematic sales

If different billing is done in batches for the products, the right batch of the product is dispensed based on the first in first out (FIFO) basis. Thus, there is no confusion.

 Maintain drug documentation

We can maintain the drug profile closet with the details of the drug as the composition of medicine and other substitutes.

 Reduced paperwork

Very easier data storage, view, and retrieval. Therefore, there need not be a paper-based workflow.

 Keep in track of prescribed medicines

Improves compliance in terms of prescription medication. Helpful to check if the prescription is legit.


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