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Who can get benefited from DrCare247 healthcare ecosystem?

Now the power of DrCare247 healthcare ecosystem is available and can be white labeled to your organization. We provide a branded solution for your agencies or businesses, clinics, hospitals, health systems and even any professional organizations.

We recognise that we can’t go it alone and are looking

for best-in-class partners to collaborate. We hope that you will join us.

Custom Branding

Your own branding, font styles, logo, social media links, contact information, and domain will be on the platform you choose, indicating that it is completely affiliated with your organization

Dedicated Landing Page

We make it easy and comfortable for your patients. With a dedicated landing page and custom branding, patients will feel like they’re using your very own practices

Analytics & Reports

We provide you analytics for your organization. Now you can track of usage, monitor trends, and quickly identify opportunities for improvement.

Analytics and Reports | DrCare247


You’ll have a personalized subdomain which will always be used in your URL. (e.g.


It’s easy for adding more than one participants to your meetings and have a video call with each other.


Sometimes clinicians get busy and need a colleague to cover, clinic account supports authorized room access.


With accessibility in mind, we have made DrCare247 extremely simple and easy to use for both clinicians and patients.


As a paying client, you have priority access to an exceptional support team to help solve any issue.


You have control over your clinic account to add/remove users, set waiting room content, and more.


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Talk to us if you have plans to start providing your own healthcare solution. Our experts can offer you the free consultation to cater the custom solution that fit your plan or existing business.