Billing and Payments


Setup the payment in a way you want. Be it the currency or the discount or the payment gateway

DrCare247 offers freedom of choosing your own payment gateway, currency, options to choose direct deposit to your account or to your doctor’s account, managing the discounts if you intended to run the marketing campaign.

Let the revenue flow be at your attention. Always

To track the revenue generated using the portal, you must have all the insights that needed to run your business profitably. There are different hand-picked reports available to fill your purpose.

medical history

Getting paid is easier with flexible billing options. Forget invoices, bounced checks, and collection calls. With a click of a button, DrCare247 makes it effortless to collect payment for your services via credit card.

You have the wide choice to choose your own payment gateway integrated to your platform that best fits to your demographic. Easily manage refunds, cancellations and no-shows. Get paid immediately right into your account in no time.

You can use an existing payment gateway or integrate a new one of your choice.

Grow your system, profitably.

Explore how DrCare247 could help you providing quality care to your patients with our customized Telehealth platform solution