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  • We partner with Quest Diagnostics to deliver direct-to-consumer online lab tests.
  • Single or group lab test ordering and pricing.
  • Patients will receive notification with lab results, and be able to view and download.

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How to Increase Patient Satisfaction with Technology-Driven Healthcare Services

Introduction  With the advent of technology, the healthcare sector has seen immense transformation. With technological advancements, healthcare providers are able to offer better services to their patients. However, the real challenge is to increase patient satisfaction and make sure that they are getting the best possible care. With the help of technology-driven healthcare services, it […]

The Cost Effectiveness of Telemedicine

Telemedicine has been around since 1960. It is used to ensure that patients in rural and remote areas receive specialized care. The goal of telemedicine is to establish communications that work for medical diagnosis and treatment of patients at remote locations. Today, with rising healthcare costs, telemedicine is becoming more and more popular as a […]

Role of Telemedicine in Improving Doctor-Patient Relationships

Healthcare providers are used to treating patients in person, but telemedicine can actually improve the doctor-patient relationship. Some providers may find the idea of remotely consulting patients uncomfortable, but communicating through live video and audio can be just as effective as meeting face-to-face and speeds up communication so that both parties can share and access the […]

Exploring the Usage and Regulatory Landscape of Telemedicine in the UAE and the MENA Region

Telemedicine has become an increasingly popular way to deliver healthcare services remotely through technology. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the shift to virtual care, as it allows for social distancing and reduces the risk of transmission of the virus. This has led to an increase in the adoption of telemedicine in the United Arab Emirates […]

The Role of Telemedicine in Addressing Mental Health Issues

The past few years have brought many challenges due to the pandemic, and it has greatly impacted the mental health of the population worldwide. People with existing mental illnesses have experienced even greater effects, and healthcare workers who have worked tirelessly to provide care under difficult circumstances have also faced added stress. Students have had […]

How Telemedicine Help Senior Citizens with Quality Medical Care?

Senior citizens can now acquire the benefits of telehealth by accessing technology. Telehealth combines a variety of healthcare services that are accessed virtually. Telemedicine, virtual visits, remote patient monitoring, tele-doc, video conferencing, etc. are terms that refer to telehealth. These services enable patients to schedule a doctor’s visit through their smartphone, tablet, or computer and […]

A Checklist for a Successful Telemedicine Visit: Tips for Healthcare Providers and Patients

The rise of telemedicine has brought many benefits to the healthcare industry, including increased access to care, improved patient outcomes, and reduced costs. Telemedicine allows healthcare providers to deliver care remotely, using technology such as video conferencing and online consultations. This can be especially beneficial for patients who live in remote or underserved areas, or […]

The Latest Developments in Medical Technology: How They are Transforming Healthcare

Medical technology is constantly evolving, and the latest developments are having a major impact on the way healthcare is delivered. From virtual reality to artificial intelligence, medical technology is changing the way doctors diagnose and treat patients, and making healthcare more accessible, efficient, and effective. Here are some of the latest developments and trends in […]

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