Custom prescription pad templates on your own clinic’s logo, address and doctor’s eSignature

Make the platform feeling own with no difference from your physical clinic from the beginning to end. DrCare247 is capable of customizing the prescription pad with your logo, address, and doctor’s eSignature.

Still more ways to get prescription done

Prescription is important part in any type of clinical consultation to ensure the patients get the right treatment. With this is in mind, patient can access to their prescription note in multiple ways such as downloading directly from their dashboard or through the email notification.

medical history

Supports nation-wide pharmacies in the (United States only).

Patient can record their current medication and even request for a refill.

Doctors can manage preferred medications, dosages, directions, number of days, pharmacy notes, etc. based on the patient’s reason for visit. This is aimed to eliminate inaccurate record-keeping of medication history and provides clinical users with access to critical prescription information.

For clients outside the US, we have designed a prescription pad with physician’s e-signature bounded to country-specific standards and regulations.

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