Doctor explaining to a patient Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software That Will Assist You In Making Better Clinical Decisions

Electronic Medical Records

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EMR/EHR software that every providers wants to use

Our Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is designed and integrated to the system in such a way that reduces maintaining your paper based records, setting up your own customized speciality based templates, adding allergies, diagnosis, health histories, physical exams, lab, radiology, prescription and more.

Electronic health records - EHR


EMR software tailored to your medical speciality

We have a unique, delivery-centric interface that allows providers and clinical staffs to effortlessly perform their EMR/EHR tasks.

Patient Portal 

  • Secure Messaging 
  • View, Download & Transmit Health Record 
  • View Upcoming & Recent Visits 
  • Check lab results 


  • Appointment Scheduling 
  • Appointment Notification 

Document Management 

  • Patient Handouts 
  • Imaging 
  • Store and Retrieve Documents  
  • Capture Patient’s Photo 

User Management 

  • User/Contacts 
  • User Group 
  • Page access 


  • SOAP Note 
  • Insurance Eligibility Verification 
  • Patient History Template 
  • Referral In/Out 
  • Order Prescriptions 
  • Prescription Authorization 
  • Lab Order 
  • DUR Warning 
  • Lab Result 


  • Patient Queue 
  • Pending Visit Note 
  • Pinned Patients 


  • Patient Search 
  • Patient Overview 
  • Adding New Patient 
  • Demographics 

User Management 

  • User/Contacts 
  • User Group 
  • Page access 

Meaningful Use 

  • Numerator 
  • CQM Category 
  • Syndromic Surveillance 
  • Immunization 

Increased safety by having historical data of the patients which

would enable you to give the right care for any ailment

Data Security

Protects your patient's critical data with a three-tier security and 256 bit encryption on file systems

User Friendly

Easy to use streamlined workflow that can be customized by provider's speciality

Provide Quality healthcare

Better connect with your patients will enable higher quality care

Faster Patient care

Organize your hospital into an integrated practice unit thereby offering faster patient care.

Patient Safety

Increased safety by having historical data of the patients which would enable you to give the right care for any ailment.

Increased Efficiency

Collaborate between departments and measure outcomes and costs for every patient.

Benefits of EMR

Benefits of cloud based EMR platform

Telemedicine benefits to Employees

Reduction in health cost

  • Reduces paper work
  • Eliminates unnecessary procedures 

Reduced medical errors

  • Eliminates medical error due to illegitimate handwriting
  • Decreases repetition
  • Identify medical errors through smart alert

Increases quality of patient care

  • Improves clinical decision 
  • Patient education
  • Enhances communication between health institution and patient
  • Track patient health history

Go paper less with our EMR/EHR platform

Request for a free product demo to know more about the EMR/EHR platform and find out how it helps your practice. If you have your own way of setting up customized solution combining multiple modules/features for your business, please feel free to talk with our expert. You won’t disappoint with our service and support.