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Health Information Management System

Hospital/Clinic Management System which can help improve operational efficiency, increase revenue and offer better patient care

Manage your practice efficiently​

Less dependency on resources​

Higher brand recognition​

Increased efficiency in operations​

Better & faster Patient care

Faster turnaround time​

Patient retention​

Higher growth & ROI​

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what are the minimum capabilities you need to check in your HMS to increase your hospital operational efficiency index?

HMS should have ability to provide end to end health care solution or hospitals solutions, in both clinical and non- clinical process. HMS should integrate with all the modules such as Patient Management and Visits, Billing, In-Patient, Pharmacy, Laboratory, operation theatre etc.,

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Core Modules

An IT Ecosystem for Clinics and Hospitals to empower clinicians for better patient care engage patient for health & wellness and to improve operation efficiency.

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  • Front Desk – Patient intake and enquiry
  • Patient registration and management
  • Scheduling – OP and OT
  • External and internal referral
  • Multi-facility and room management


  • Electronic prescription and print
  • Dispensing and drug administration
  • Inventory & stock management
  • Internal department drug management


  • Dashboard, Widgets & alerts
  • Revenue – Department, doctor etc
  • Clinical – Diagnosis, procedure etc
  • Balance – Outstanding, aging etc
  • Productivity – Tracking, inventory, efficiency
  • NABH & Compliance


  • Electronic medical records
  • Outpatient management
  • Inpatient management
  • Surgery & Emergency
  • Clinical decision support
  • Medical codes – Drug, Dx & Proc


  • Lab order and print
  • Result update and abnormal alert
  • Lab tests and group packaging
  • Medical imaging – Integration & DICOM


  • Patient care plan and instructions
  • Patient interaction with clinical staff
  • Patient bulk messaging – SMS & Email
  • Staff training and evaluation


  • Billing – Patient and Insurance
  • Payment – Patient and Insurance
  • Follow-up – Patient and Insurance
  • Insurance – Pre-approval & claim form
  • Charge setup, discounts and tax setup

Patient Management

  • Patient portal – Prescription & lab results
  • Invoice, insurance claims and payments
  • Appointment request and confirmation
  • Patient registration data capture
  • Notification – SMS and Email
HIMS Benefits

Here are the list of benefits that you would see when you digitalising your practice

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  • Quick access to clinical, finance and operational data
  • Paper work reduction and data capture automation
  • Operational cost reduction and improve efficiency
  • Service utilisation and investment opportunity
  • Increase staff productivity and collaboration
  • Reduce medical error and legal issue
  • Improve patient care quality and personalised patient care
  • Patient satisfaction and engage patient involvement
  • Highly customizable template and workflow
  • Easy to use and access from anywhere, anytime
  • Reduce patient wait period and more time with doctor
  • Data insight to improve clinical and operational quality
  • Better clinical decision support and interventions
  • Compliance, data – security, retention and interoperability
  • Multi-dimensional view of patient health records
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