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Vaccinations to fight COVID-19 are ramping up around the world, and the infection rates are dropping in many countries due to this. However, vaccination trials are still ongoing among children, especially those under 12, leaving them still susceptible to the virus until they are cleared for being administered for this age group. This is why health officials are still asking children who are unvaccinated to continue following safety measures, such as masking and distancing to limit exposure. Due to the ongoing threat of the virus, and more contagious variants circulating, such as the Delta variant, parents are still choosing to use telemedicine options for their children.

When it comes to pediatric telemedicine services, buy-in from parents is the most important factor. A recent survey found that a third of parents chose telemedicine options for their children in order to reduce exposure to COVID-19, with another third choosing the convenience of not having to travel to be the other reason. More than 90% of parents who arranged for a virtual visit for their child were also satisfied with the result. Although, there is still a good proportion of parents who are reluctant to have their child have a teleconsultation. “We expect remote visits to continue to expand for pediatric patients long after the pandemic,” said a pediatrician at the University of Michigan’s C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital. According to experts working closely with pediatricians, doctors should first use the platform with reluctant parents for common conditions that are easily treatable through a virtual visit. As the parent becomes more comfortable with the concept, they can have their child meet a doctor for specialty check-ups.

However, a concern that needs to be addressed is the gaps in access to care for children in low-income and rural areas. Barriers exist for these areas in internet connectivity and having the required technology, let alone access to a doctor. It is important for doctors to work hand-in-hand with telemedicine platform developers to ensure that such barriers don’t hinder a child’s access to a virtual visit.

Here at DrCare247, our platform is able to accommodate low internet bandwidth and still deliver HD calls for the patient and doctor ends. In addition, the platform is functional on a range of devices such as computer, tablet, and mobile, so the patient can access from anywhere at any time. We also offer a chat consultation feature, if patients do not have a camera/microphone on their device. We work closely with our clients to make sure patients and doctors using the platform are covered!

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