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How Telemedicine Helps During Flu Season

1. Decreased Exposure to Contagions

We are in the middle of flu season, with many going to clinics to also take flu shots. The COVID pandemic is also not over, and the symptoms of COVID overlap with the flu in many ways. Unless it is absolutely necessary to go see a doctor in person if the situation is dire, patients are safer utilizing telemedicine to diagnose their condition. If one goes into a clinic these days, there is potential for being exposed to not only COVID and other contagions, but also spreading the flu to others. This is why telemedicine ensures safe care for patients without risking other peoples’ health. When done securely over a web-based platform, it will also validate the experience for the patient so they will feel that they are getting adequate care.

2. Patient Volume Management

When many patients come to a clinic for various conditions, the facility will not be able to handle the large influx of patients and prioritize care properly. It can cause stress to the workflow and structure of the facility. This can be easily avoided if patients who really do not need in-person care instead seek treatment virtually. It is important that healthcare facilities stress to patients, especially during peak flu season, that they should only come for care if it is an emergency or outstanding issues. Emergencies such as appendicitis surgeries and fractures will be pushed back in the day and not be able to be accommodated sooner. It is absolutely necessary for patients to keep this in mind when planning for any in-person visits.

3. Care Team Wellness

Working in a healthcare facility means constant exposure to contagions. The healthcare staff are the foundation to the functioning of a clinic or hospital, and if they are sick, then patients will not even be seen properly. Healthcare facilities must prioritize the health of their staff just as seriously as patients, especially in the situation of today’s pandemic. COVID is one of many contagions, which is important to keep in mind. Telemedicine visits eliminate the risk of such exposures to staff, owing to a more satisfied, healthy workforce. This will also boost staff morale and performance, which will improve the functioning of the facility as a whole.

4. Convenient, Quick Care

Teleconsultations are a huge advantage when one is already sick because the last thing one wants to do is travel a distance to get care. It is very important that the patient has access to affordable, quick care through a few clicks. Our platform here at DrCare247 not only provides video consultations but also audio and chat consultations. It also functions on multiple devices such as tablets, phones, and computers. Patients would typically use mobile devices in the case of teleconsultations, and our platform is able to deliver a seamless experience for them. Get more information and insights from our experts through a free demo, and help your organization meet the demand of flu season!

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