Telemedicine boon to employees

4 Key Benefits of Telemedicine to Your Employees

Among other benefits offered by employers, telemedicine has become a new addition to benefits packages after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is a huge leap for the telemedicine market, as employees are not only concerned about losing hours at work due to waiting times at an in-person appointment but there is also an overall fear among the general population to go into a public setting, due to fears of contracting COVID-19.

According to Dialogue, 72% of employees would have a higher perception of their employer if telemedicine was a part of their benefits package.

Also, a majority of employees say that long wait times is a top obstacle for them to visit a doctor in person, which is an issue that telemedicine solves.

Telemedicine can help drive organizational success!

Let’s discuss why, as an employer, you should start to think about offering telemedicine services to your employees.

* Keep up employee satisfaction

To start with, it will promote an organizational culture that prioritizes health and wellness for staff. This will help keep employee satisfaction up, as staff will no longer need to be so worried about how they can see a doctor for checkups.

* Higher productivity & performance

Telemedicine will also significantly decrease absenteeism among employees, ultimately leading to higher productivity. This leads to a drastic improvement in overall organizational performance.

* Cost-savings for the organization

It is also very important to note that telemedicine for employees will make for huge cost-savings for the organization. Virtual visits cost much less than in-person visits. For example, a virtual visit can cost around $50, but an in-person can cost almost $200.

* Employer-of-choice for new aspirants

Finally, making telemedicine available in the employee benefits package will make a company an employer-of-choice for new applicants, because candidates will have a perception that they are applying to a company that truly values their staff’s health.

Telemedicine is the solution for you and your employees!

For employees, having telemedicine offered allows them to have fast access to care when they need it most, even during off-hours in the evenings and over weekends. It also allows them to significantly cut down on their travel, and time in an emergency room or clinic. Not to mention, a much healthier work-life balance also coincides with this. Also, health issues and stress surrounding them can cause physical and mental health problems among staff, who feel like they cannot see a doctor during work, or are forced to lose paid work hours to visit a doctor in person.

Telemedicine allows for easy follow-up to doctors and virtually, and ultimately, improved patient outcomes tied directly to positive patient experience as well. In today’s situation during the pandemic, going in for a simple checkup can be a stressful situation for anybody, and it goes without saying that virtual visits are here to stay.

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