Uses of telemedicine

How is Telemedicine Used?

Telemedicine is setting it’s foot in healthcare industry aiming to meet the needs by rightly utilizing the latest technology. Telemedicine is widely used by several specialities in healthcare industry helping the communities in a way to provide better on-time access with cost effective solutions. The use of Telehealth technology is reportedly become popular after introduction of internet and internet enabled smart mobile devices. It dramatically changed the way how patients and providers are interacting.

Let’s briefly look at the areas that telemedicine has its impact and how is telemedicine used in healthcare landscape.

Help connecting rural population

Telemedicine plays a promising role in the rural areas around the world. The impact can best felt in Africa and other developing countries where healthcare services are rarely accessible. Connecting patients for minor conditions before it become major – sharing educational resources as needed for the specific demographic to take care of their own medical needs are few examples how Telemedicine technology is used for connecting patients in rural area.

Provide counselling for behavioural health

There are chances for traumatic events that cause depression, anxiety or hyperactivity to children need to be taken care on time. These mental health related conditions are better treated with remote counselling session using telemedicine. The advantage of less physical interaction increases the chances to parents to use telemedicine to provide the counselling session for their children. Satisfaction among parents and guardians are reportedly high saying that the counselling session using the telemedicine platform helps their children perform better in school.

Post-surgical follow-up

Secured HIPAA video interaction between the practices and patients helps to do remote follow-ups for the post-surgical conditions. Using the telemedicine platform patients can get their care from home eliminating the travel, skipping the waiting and other inconveniences. For the physicians, without a worry of last minute cancellations and no-shows, they make it easier to comply while engaging in their care.

Common minor ailments

Telemedicine serves as the best option to get diagnosed for the common medical ailments such as cold, flue, skin rash, UTI, Acne, Poison Ivy, etc., Patients with such minor ailments can better avail the convenience of telemedicine over the traditional visit to the clinic. This could save the time as well as money. Vast number of medical conditions are treatable online with few medical instructions and delivers the drug at your doorstep. The benefit of the telemedicine platform are keep growing as the people start to realize the convenience of this service.

Medication refill (ePrescription)

In today’s world of technology, online medication refill delivered at the pharmacy of your choice is possible with few clicks. While talking to your physician, you get consulted for your minor illness and get your medication delivered to you directly in no time. Combining with telemedicine consultation, ePrescription feature is adding more value to the platform to stand out top in providing the care efficiently. In a wake of providing the complete solution to your minor illness, the traditional doctor visits are likely to be converted more number of patients to the Telemedicine in the near future.

Review/Order online lab

As an added benefits to telemedicine platform is ordering labs online. Telemedicine platform is one of the easily adoptable platform which could be one of the reason why this service is being popular among physicians and patients equally. It gives the opportunity to order the labs online and talk to the physicians sharing the lab results to get their opinion on the ranges mentioned.


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