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7 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Telemedicine Vendor

1. Is the telemedicine platform cloud-based?

A cloud-based platform means that there will be no need to install any software or plug-ins. It also means that all the data will be stored in the cloud, making access to data easy for all stakeholders involved in the virtual practice. Cloud-based platforms are even more important to have in today’s day and age where convenience and efficiency are crucial requirements for doctors as well as patients.

2. Is it user-friendly? Can it run on mobile and tablet?

It is important to take the needs of both doctors and patients into consideration when choosing a telemedicine platform. A doctor should not have to go through much effort to figure out how to create an account, see the list of appointments, and communicate with their patients. On the other hand, patients should have an extremely easy time requesting an appointment and joining a consultation. Once these processes get complicated, they will negatively impact the patient experience. The platform also has to be versatile on computers, tablets, and phones because many patients would prefer to use the mobile devices more, given the convenience factor.

3. Is the platform secure and HIPAA-compliant?

Patient confidentiality and data security are extremely crucial for users of telemedicine platforms. The platform has to be completely secure, have data transparency, and needs to follow all HIPAA regulations. The medium through which video and audio calls occur has to also be taken into consideration, ensuring that it meets requirements for data security and HIPAA compliance. This is why the product developers of platforms need to take this into high consideration so that the patient data can be completely secure.

4. What is the consultation call quality?

The quality of the video and audio is important for the success of the consultation. Bandwidth expansion has been an effort being undertaken in many countries around the world after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, but the lack of good internet connection will likely continue to be an issue for patients in remote areas. It is important for telemedicine platform developers to take this into consideration. The DrCare247 platform is designed to be able to have HD video and audio calling at lower bandwidth, and this is one of our unique features.

5. Can I ePrescribe through the platform?

After a patient finishes a consultation, they need to receive their medication conveniently. Platforms, such as DrCare247, with ePrescription capabilities, make this possible by sending the medication or refill order directly to the patient’s pharmacy of choice. This will allow for easy medication pickup or delivery, eliminating the need for extra calls or questions for both ends.

6. Can I bill patients through the platform?

The last thing a doctor would want to deal with is bounced checks and making payment complicated. When choosing a platform, we recommend you look at whether billing can be done exclusively on the platform, without the patient or doctor having to go anywhere else. Payment gateway integration is a must in this case, and the platform should be able to accommodate this for international use too, if your patients are outside the United States (DrCare247 allows for this).

7. What kind of technical support do you offer?

If an issue were to happen on the platform, the development team should be able to offer instant support to you, as this will ultimately affect your patients. It Is important for there to be open lines of communication between you and the team, and if you have an international team, the platform should offer 24/7 support in case a problem arises, and the team on one side of the planet is not awake to respond right away.

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