Telemedicine features for doctors

6 Features That a Telemedicine Platform Must Have

1. HD Audio/Video Calls

It should go without saying that a telemedicine platform should have built-in audio and video calling. The patient and doctor should not have to go to a separate site or application to access the consultation, because this may cause confusion on both ends. The process of joining a call should be as simple as possible, to ensure the maximum ease of access. In addition to audio and video calling, DrCare247 also offers chat consultations, which bring further convenience to patients who may not have the time to speak directly to the doctor.

2. Support for Low Bandwidth

Without a doubt, there will be patients who will be in more remote areas, or will not have access to a stable internet connection. This can hinder the experience to talk to a doctor, which is not desirable if the patient wants to see the doctor for a situation they are already most likely worried about. Our platform here at DrCare247 can accommodate lower bandwidth connections, and can still provide HD audio and video calling regardless of such connections. Our clients and the patients they serve have found this a huge benefit to them.

3. Easy Scheduling

When a patient wants to request an appointment with a doctor, the process should be as simple as possible. They should be able to easily select their doctor, see the open time slots, and select a slot based on their availability. Once confirmed, the telemedicine platform should have an alert system in place that sends reminders to the patient at designated times for consultation reminders. This has greatly helped with avoiding no-shows. DrCare247 can accommodate this feature of simple scheduling, which our clients have greatly appreciated!

Features of telemedicine platform-Audio/video, support low bandwidth, scheduling, HIPAA compliance, Multi-device access, and 24/7 support.

4. HIPAA-Compliance

This feature is compulsory for any telemedicine platform. It is the international standard for the respect of patient confidentiality, and should always be considered when introducing new features and workflows. The DrCare247 is not only HIPAA-compliant but also uses enterprise-level security to ensure that both patients and doctors can rest assured the medical information is kept safe. The data, such as patient medical information and consultation records, are all stored in a secure cloud environment.

5. Multi-Device Access

Patients and doctors may not always have access or want to use a computer to meet for a consultation, so the telemedicine platform must be also supported on tablets and mobile devices. At a click of minimal buttons, the user should be taken right to the consultation page, and also should not have to install any plug-ins. DrCare247 provides just that, making it have one of the simplest telemedicine user interfaces on the market!

6. 24/7 Support

If something were to go faulty for either the patient or doctor, there should be a constant support channel available for the user to reach. Especially with healthcare, where patients’ health is on the line, there must be a seamless support channel in place, round-the-clock if possible. DrCare247 offers a strong support system that uses a ticket system to solve platform issues. With a team spread out across the globe, we are always ready to step in to help!

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