Booking doctor appointment online

Using Telehealth for Home Based Lab Test Service

We are living in a digital age, where we are getting our services delivered right at home, be it our food of our choice or our full list of wishes in our online shopping cart or even education. Healthcare is one among the industry that is very quick to grasp the digital trend of post-COVID 19. It is evident now, by people setting their doctor appointments online, skipping the long queues, needless to run for a lab nearby to get their blood test done.

Booking lab tests online for diagnostic procedures is becoming popular from the trusted online pathology lab service providers in your location. Few countries like United Arab Emirates (UAE) as one of the best public health care systems in the world is suggesting their home based lab test providers to offer free Telemedicine consultation as an additional mandatory service packaged with their online lab test service.

Telemedicine and lab management software

With more than a decade old healthcare IT expertise, we strongly believe in user-centric approach that hands with innovative technology which has the room for scalability and the intelligent digital solutions are playing major roles in successfully implementing the solution.

Catering the technology solutions as needed by the business continuity is our specialized area of expertise. With an extensive team of highly qualified, versatile and supportive executives, your business is never left unnoticed, our executives are always in touch with you providing all the required technology and business support.

If you are already running a diagnostic lab and wish to expand your business online, here are the step by step guide to launch the online platform for Telehealth and home based lab test service some ideas to expand your presence online.

7 steps to consider before launching your home based lab test service business

Step 1: Understand how the compliances and government regulations apply to online diagnostic lab business in your country/region.

Step 2: Build your long-term financial plan

Step 3: Form a team of key people to spearhead and plan for the online lab diagnostic business transition

Step 4: Find the right lab diagnostic software with Telehealth (technology provider) partner and platform.

Step 5: Streamline your business workflow with SMS, Email, Payment gateway, EHR and other integrations.

Step 6: Train your team to use the platform.

Step 7: Educate your users about your telehealth and home based lab services.

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