Telepsychiatry in mental health

Telepsychiatry in Today’s World

An application of telepsychiatry is now a key part that impacts the field of psychiatry. Telepsychiatry provides a telecommunications platform for the provision of a range of services in the mental health space virtually. Through video conferencing, psychiatrists are able to communicate with their patients without either of them needing to be in an office setting. Telepsychiatry allows for a wide range of services such as psychiatric evaluations (individual or group), consultations, counseling, and family therapy. There is the direct interaction between the psychiatrist and the patient(s), allowing for complete transparency and giving the patient(s) a complete experience.

Similarly, telepsychiatry also provides an opportunity for the patient’s family members to consult with the psychiatrist. Being able to use telecommunications devices creates ease for both the patient and the client to be able to work together and create peace of mind that the patient’s needs are being met through an online and simple process. 

Due to the global pandemic, there has been an increase in demand for mental health and counseling services during these unprecedented times. As a result, more patients have been using the platform that we offer in order to make a positive difference in their lives through the use of telehealth. Mental health issues have risen during these unprecedented times, but being able to have a platform that is able to address these issues from patient to doctor ultimately allows the patient to feel and be in a calm state of mind with no pressure or issues of having to meet the specialist in person or otherwise.

Telepsychiatry, like other telehealth applications, offers the ability to use the platform at your own convenience from the patient’s side in order to receive the best treatment possible that is specific to you. The entire purpose of this is to be able to create an efficient and effective method that works for both the practitioner and patient so that the needs of the patient are being met thoroughly at your own convenience.

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