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Is Telehealth a Better Option Than Conventional Treatment for Minor Ailments?

According to a study published in the journal of the AMA (American Medical Association) for the year 2016, United states is spending more on healthcare which is twice the rate of 10 other high-income countries. The finding says the efforts targeting utilization alone are unlikely to reduce the growth in health care spending in the United States; a more concerted effort to reduce prices and administrative costs is likely needed.

While most of the spending goes to the conventional healthcare, telemedicine has the potential to decrease the cost of traditional visits while increasing the patient satisfaction. Not only the cost that matters but the quality of care is as important as the cost that involves.

I interacted with many physicians, hospital administrator and health workers discussed the pros and cons of the modern technologies in healthcare IT industry. The growing benefits of telemedicine compared to traditional treatment are one topic that we opt to have discussed often. The below are the key points from the experiences of the physicians who were used our DrCare247 solution to their practice.

Telemedicine Vs Traditional

Telemedicine is not a complete alternative to the conventional treatment. But it is the best affordable and accessible alternative in treating minor ailments such as cold, rash, sore throat, etc., Using the technology the platform gives futuristic solutions to order or refill medications, maintenance of medical record, order labs, secure video conference and more. Most of this can be achieved using the cost-effective way. You can use any internet enabled devices to run your telemedicine platform.

In our time of technology where virtually any task can be initiated via smartphone, It is no surprise that the telemedicine can play important role in healthcare industry in the future.

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