Points to consider while choosing a customized telehealth platform

4 Important Points to Consider While Choosing a Customized Telehealth Platform

Today there are plenty of telemedicine portals that are available in the market with a marketing gimmick term called ‘customisable platform’. With most of such telemedicine providers, they are limited with cosmetic changes to their existing platform such as logo, color themes and images but selling the platform stating it is entirely customisable. The real fact is, most of these platforms are really not technically compatible to change the core functions or workflow to optimize to the needs of different practices.

On the other hand those who are capable of end-end customisation tend to be offering their services at higher costs. I realised the gap between reel and real solutions that these telemedicine providers widely speak about in their customisation or custom branding or white-label solutions. My findings will help practitioners to understand and approach the right telemedicine vendors.

Individual practitioner or a group, both put their effort in building their own identity investing time and money to build your practices recognisable. When planning to add telemedicine to your practice, below are a few basic checklist that you must have answers handy.

4 steps every providers must consider before choosing their telemedicine vendor

Though there are many other in-depth research points that are needed before picking the right vendor, the below steps are considered to be the major concern.

  • Define your telemedicine goals (Workflow, use cases and custom branding)
  • List out the vendors that your business can fit best
  • Schedule a demo and narrow down your search
  • Choose the best based on how deeply that your vendor can integrate your workflow/use cases and custom branding solutions to your practice, needless to mention the cost and turnaround time for the customization

While defining your telemedicine goals, the workflow, use cases and custom branding are top three concerns that comes to any providers mind because it is what that defines their practice and attracts patients. Moreover the efforts and money that are involved in building their own identity lies in it.

So, the telemedicine that you choose should comply and carry such value added features, services, workflows, use cases and custom branding that exists on your physical practice. As mentioned, most of your vendors will exit during your evaluation radar when you ask for these customizations.

However, DrCare247 specializes in providing customized telemedicine solution to its customer by taking a step beyond the regular process while understanding their requirements. Our sales and customer success team are dedicated and keen on gathering your practice’s identity, process, workflow and use cases. Further it is processed through the business analysis, design and finally through the engineering team.

This is because we are a company that have the Customer first approach. The core process is defined by the value that brings customer success as the top priority.

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