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Maximizing Productivity Working From Home

It goes without saying that the majority of the world is used to work-from-home life. Many companies are choosing to stay remote, even after countries reopen, making this the new normal. Read about how you can make the most out of your workday, while maintaining your physical and mental health!

1. Set a morning routine

When working from home, there are obviously no long commutes or packed morning schedules. It is very important to make a routine for yourself that you can stick to in the mornings, to start your day off right. Whether that is a daily coffee ritual, yoga, going for a walk, or as simple as just showering, establish this for yourself. A healthy breakfast is also key to start the day right. Avoid processed sugars and fats – meal prep is a great way to organize your healthy eating because you definitely won’t want to cook up a storm first thing in the morning. These little steps will set the tone for the day and lead to a more productive work experience. Without a proper set routine, the days can begin very haphazardly and lead to a disoriented workday.

2. Work at a designated space

Being at home, it can be easy for us to choose the couch (or even our bed) as our workspace. This may feel comfortable to us but can actually lead to less productivity. To get into a “let’s do this” mindset, setting aside a work table and area in your apartment or house to work is crucial. Restrict this area just for work, and you will soon realize that naturally, your mind feels that this is the place to be most productive. Otherwise, when you have the freedom to choose any place in the house, the mind can wander and become distracted easily. Another important note is to get a standing desk! Sitting for long periods at a time is detrimental to our bodies, so investing in this will help prevent various health problems in the future.

3. Establish guidelines with family or roommates

When working from home, it can be easy to get distracted or interrupted by family members or roommates. This can seriously impact performance at work, and be frustrating to deal with. This is why it is important to set times for quiet hours when you may have calls, and even times for no cooking – otherwise the smoke alarm may go off! Naturally, companies have become accustomed to work-from-home life, so it is not such a serious problem if such a thing happens on a call. You can even put a sign outside of your office door that says when you have calls, or when to not knock. This will lead to a much more seamless workday for you.

4. Stick to a schedule

It can be easy when working from home to stick to a routine, especially if your job is not a typical 9-5. You are your supervisor when it comes to making a schedule, which can be a challenge. Create a schedule in writing or hang it at your workstation, so you know when you need to be getting lunch, going for a walk, or even doing certain work tasks. By allotting work throughout the day, you will work more productively and be able to manage your tasks much better. This may seem like a common-sense concept but in work-from-home life, it is actually not so easy! Make tiny changes and gradually you will see an immense turnaround in your productivity.

5. Take breaks

With no coworkers or meetings rooms to distract from sitting all day at our office desk, it can be easy to sit for hours on end. It is important to schedule consistent breaks for yourself, even if it’s just to refill your water bottle. Screen time for long stretches can be very exhausting, so also prioritize getting fresh air or going for a quick walk around the corner. You may be thinking – how does telemedicine tie into this? As the world continues to see the pandemic continue to surge, work-from-home life has become as common as ever and staying home as much as possible. Employers can incentivize telemedicine visits and regular virtual health check-ups for their employees by using our platform! We offer a seamless teleconsultation experience for both doctor and patient – which can quickly be done in the middle of a workday!

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