Comparing DrCare247 with skype and zoom

How is DrCare247 Compared to Skype and Zoom?

DrCare247 is a dedicated healthcare solution focused on telemedicine. We provide secure, true white-labeling and a custom featured telemedicine platform that is bound to the PHI (Protected Health Information) and HIPAA regulations. The platform features scheduling, audio/video conferencing, ePrescription, consultation summary, automated notifications and much more.

The DrCare247 telemedicine platform cannot be compared or substituted with Skype, Zoom, or any other video conferencing tool. These tools were developed for personal or corporate conferencing, whereas DrCare247 is using HIPAA-certified APIs to ensure security and data privacy.

To understand the differences between DrCare247 (typical telemedicine platform) and other consumer applications such as Skype or Zoom, please find the below table with all the information that one should know.

HIPAA complianceYesXX
End-End encryptionYesXX
Web-based-no additional download requiresYesXX
Patient-Doctor appointmentsYesXX
3rd party integrationsYesXX
Health recordsYesXX
Patient waiting roomYesXX
Dedicated payment gateway per sessionYesXX
White-label solutionYesXX
Speciality based custom form/workflowYesXX
Secure video recordings (HIPAA)YesXX
Personalized public domainYesXX
Patient portalYesXX

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