Types of Telemedicine

Different Types of Telemedicine

Virtual healthcare is becoming more applicable and relevant than ever before. The most recent push for virtual services came unexpectedly due to the ...
Telemedicine during covid surge

How Telemedicine Can Help During COVID Surges

As the planet faces another relentless surge of COVID cases, with countries experiencing a record number of new cases and deaths, the situation ...
Addressing telemedicine adoption barriers | DrCare247

Telemedicine Adoption Barriers and How We Address Them

1. Privacy and Security Issues Both patients and doctors are concerned about using and choosing a telemedicine platform, especially when it concerns whether ...
Rise of telemedicine after covid

Telemedicine in the Post-COVID World

1. Transition to remote/at-home care There was so much unknown about the nature of the coronavirus, especially in the initial few months of ...
5 Common telemedicine myths

5 Common Myths of Telemedicine

1. It's not secure When it comes to patient information, it should be the highest priority to keep it secure, during both the ...
Choosing a telemedicine platform

Challenges You May Face When Choosing a Telemedicine Platform

1. Difficult User Interface One of the most important elements of a telemedicine platform is having a user interface that is as simple ...
Telemedicine features for doctors

6 Features That a Telemedicine Platform Must Have

1. HD Audio/Video Calls It should go without saying that a telemedicine platform should have built-in audio and video calling. The patient and ...
Integrations that strengthen a telemedicine platform

4 Integrations that Strengthen a Telemedicine Platform

1. ePrescriptions This integration is very important because it brings another level of convenience to both the physician and doctor, in addition to ...

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