Automated notifications


Patient-Doctor notifications as they needed and when they needed

In a world of communication, we are not standing apart. DrCare247’s carefully designed workflow will keep the doctor and patient engaged as needed and when they needed. Notifications on the right time and the right information will be delivered as it intended.

SMS or email or both? No worries

Leave your worry on the method of delivering your notifications. DrCare247 is capable of adopting to any third-party integration, so you always can choose and in control. You can even use your languages of your preference on your communication by SMS or email or on both.

medical history

Notifying the patient and doctor on updates will keep both engaged and help deliver the right care at the right time.

Patients can get their consultation reminders, visit summaries, prescription details, medical notes and invoices by email. Doctors will be notified for scheduled consultations and other patient requests.

Grow your system, profitably.

Explore how DrCare247 could help you providing quality care to your patients with our customized Telehealth platform solution